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Special Offer:   Order CBD Online - UK Wide Delivery Available

Shop our range of CBD products available to purchase online with UK wide delivery. Our range includes: CBD E-Liquids, CBD Tintures, CDB Edibles and much more.

Added by MCR CBD on 19/01/2018

Special Offer:   Free, no-obligation quotes

Covering Stockport, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Tameside our pest control services are available with a free estimate before you employ us.

Added by A-Z Environmental Services on 06/12/2017

Review: Paul Cook

I have been aware of Paul Cooks craftsmanship for at least the last 25 years, since he was a student at Lancaster Art College. His meticulous attention to detail and doing things properly, using traditional skills of wood carving and woodwork are second to none. His range of skills, and the application of these to a diversity of ideas, is truly impressive.He is passionate about what he does, and client satisfaction is of vital importance to him. He takes on commissions in wood, stone, and. bronze

Reviewed by juginder lamba on 05/12/2017

Special Offer:   Free Initial Consultation

Every client is provided with a free consultation to discuss what their project entails and improve our understanding.

Added by Meredith Powell Ltd on 22/01/2018

Review: Mint Homes

Having used mint homes for the past number of years ..I'm afraid I can say nothing positive about them. No customer care, no tolerance, no empathy for their tenants. If you notice in reviews, landlords like them...tenants dont! Why ?..because its easy to impress for money..but hard to empathise, with tenants, who have issues with their dwellings. And if she takes a dislike to out will know about it! I complained to her about no heating for 5 weeks, in Winter, She sent an abusive plumber, who swore, upset me, and intimidated me, She then had the nerve to upset me further by supporting the plumber, and calling me aggressive! She then refused to send an alternative plumber, when I pleaded. I was told, in short.. "If You didn't have him back, You wont get heating" disgusting, controlling and immoral! I wrote a complaint, and this very complaint was then used against me at the end of my tenancy in a reference to try sabotage my move to another letting agency.and another apartment. Your basically dammed if you complain, and your dammed if you dont! I was informed by my solicitor this was liable for trying to sabotage my good name with a twisted manipulated untrue reference, she will twists facts to make you look bad. If you where to ever make a complaint , she will use that complaint against you. A misunderstanding about a carpark, attributed to me getting my car Deliberately T blocked in by mint homes staff, and verbally attacked for parking there, very unprofessional, spiteful and vindictive, I then got baited into an argument, when I rang to apologise. I again got called aggressive, with no aggression at all....manipulation at its best! she will covertly orchestrate a situation, bait you into an argument, and then have the nerve to call YOU Aggressive! Tenants , please get the contact details of your landlord, and call them if you feel at all unhappy with any letting agent, you have the right. No doubt she will type a long winded reply to this...accusing me of all sorts...backing out of responsibility...but thats what Toxic people do.. believe her, or believe me.....the truth will come out in the end. she will twist and contort the truth, use letting agent terms, and manipulate my words, and defend her actions...which obviously I expect nothing less. Who admits to being unprofessional? Please be aware when using this company.!

Reviewed by Val Steele on 18/11/2017

Review: Lancashire Tile Doctor

Tile Doctor was knowledgeable and efficient, giving us a great refurb job on our lovely but worn hall floor (typical late 19th cent. small tile design). Very pleased with the result.

Reviewed by john davies on 18/11/2017

Special Offer:   Free anti-wrinkle consultation

Not too sure what treatment will be best? Come in for a free consultation to understand your options.

Added by Revive and Refresh Skin Aesthetics on 14/07/2017

Special Offer:   Free skin consultation

No matter the treatment, it is always beneficial to talk through the ins and outs before making a decision. Give us a call for your free consultation to see what would be best for you.

Added by Revive and Refresh Skin Aesthetics on 14/07/2017